First time using a cleaning company and they were wonderful! Very professional, punctual, nice, pet friendly and did a great job! My house smelled clean the moment I walked into the door.
— Brooke S., 9/13/2017
They were able to accommodate my need for a move out clean with only a couple days notice, and the results were fantastic! No area was overlooked and every detail was adddressed. They were extremely punctual and professional and were very thorough! Definitely recommend them!
— Tina T., 8/31/2017
Thanks for cleaning my house. I had no idea where to move my furniture or place things to make it look neat with less clutter, and their ideas were great on how to make everything look so much better. I couldn’t be more happier with how sparkling clean and neat everything is. They even took the time to clean the inside of my fridge, fold my laundry and put it in drawers and hang it up in the closets. Plus they hung curtains and organized all my things and put away all my dishes in the cabinets and the kitchen and bathroom looks spotless. All the windows and window seals are very clean also. Good job.
— Stephanie M., 8/31/2017
Great job!
— Mike W., 8/31/2017
What a wonderful cleaning service.
I live in PA and needed someone to clean my
Brother’s house before he came home from the hospital.
Jenna responded right away with a quote and since she is a Veteran, I wanted her to do the job.
Jenna came alone the first day and cleaned for 10 hours with no assurance of being paid (remember I am from PA and hired her by phone).
The cleaning was spectacular!
I met her the the next morning.
I said to her “you took a leap of faith cleaning before yo knew for sure you would get paid”.
Her response “they needed help and it was a service either way”.
This is the kind of Person you want to hire!
If the scale was 1-100, they would get 100 stars.
Thank you Appalachian Maid Service!
— Marion B., 8/23/2017
Loved coming home to a clean house!!
— Sara S., 8/6/2017
Wonderful job, super professional, very sweet - couldn’t ask for better! Thanks so much!
— Kami B., 8/3/2017
They were punctual, business like, thorough and friendly. I WILL use them again.
— Cynthia M., 7/23/17
I actually had to leave out of town when Appalachian Maid Services came to clean our house. But when I talked to my wife later that day she said the house looked great and I would be happy with our choice of maid services. When I came home the next day and looked around I was MORE than satisfied. A.M.S did an outstanding job. They are professional, punctual, and pay attention to detail. I would recommend them to anybody. They are really worth every penny.
— Randy T., 7/22/17
Very responsive and in a professional manner. A refreshing experience from other cleaning services I spoke with.

UPDATE: After Appalachian Maid Services came to my home, I was shocked at the level of cleaning they had done! Everything you could see was spotless and everything you couldn’t see was sparkling clean! They gave me a “grand reveal” when I arrived home and my jaw dropped as they showed me all they had done! Thank you AMS! Highly, highly recommend!
— Amber A., 7/19/17
They responded quickly to my communications and were very pleasant. I liked Jenna and Brittany right off, and they did beautiful work. They made my home a joy to come home to, and I would definitely recommend them.
— Mela K., 7/14/17
We just moved into the area and our landlord’s idea of a clean house wasn’t our idea of a clean house . The cleaning team got our place in tip top shape ( and got rid of all that cat hair!). Now it feels like we can live here. We thought they did a great job for a fair price.
— Catherine H., 7/10/17
Responded very quickly to my late notice request, and did an excellent job deep cleaning our new home before we moved.
— Matt T., 7/7/2017
They came out and were super professional, they even wore shoe covers to protect my home. They did such an amazing job, the home is spotless now and smells so great! They even organized my kitchen counter for me, the little touches like that will have me hiring them on the regular!
— Kim H., 6/27/2017
Appalachian Maid Services is a terrific, they came in and cleaned our house better than ever. The cleaner was very thorough and professional. She asked some questions to find out exactly what we were looking for and kept to her time and price. Will definitely hire again!
— Cindy S., 5/26/2017