Free Cleanings

Cleaning for a reason

I am so blessed in life, the least I can do is give back in as many ways possible to those in need.  Please sign up, refer friends and family, and let us help take care of your home while you take care of yourself! - Jenna

Cleaning For A Reason was started in 2006, and now has 1,200 cleaning service businesses around the U.S. and Canada that helps to serve women with cancer.  We are lucky enough to be partnered with them since September 2017.  An estimated 850,000 women are going to be diagnosed with cancer in 2017 alone, so odds are that someone you know might be going through this struggle, but don't let them do it alone.  

Any woman over the age of 19 that has cancer (any type!) can apply for free cleanings through  You can also apply for someone else on their behalf in case they aren't aware of the program.  We give away 2 cleanings a month that are 3 hours long.   Please feel free to contact us and we will help you through the process as much as we can!

Veterans with cancer

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As a veteran, helping to serve those who have served is something I am passionate about.  After watching my father, a fellow veteran, go through throat cancer I knew I had to help other veterans going through the same thing.  It is hard enough trying to battle cancer, let alone worry about something as silly as taking the trash out! - Jenna

Veterans make up 1.3% of the population but make up 3% of the cancer cases in the U.S.  The VA hospitals and clinics take months and then some to give patients what they need to get better.  This long process is hard on anybody, especially those dealing with cancer, so let us help in any way we can to make life a little easier for you.

Simply email us your information, at, and we will get back to you as soon as we can to start the process of getting your cleaning scheduled.  We give away 2 free cleanings a month to veterans with cancer that are 3 hours long.

*We have tried to go through the VA, but they said they couldn't work with us, so please be aware we will need to see a note from your doctor that you are currently undergoing treatment until we find a better process.